Who We Are

PureGold has been supplying high karat gold microalloy to jewelry manufacturers and designers for 5 years. We began supplying PureGold to manufacturers in 1998 and continue to research high purity gold microalloys to develop other colors that provide a color contrast to the 24K gold color of our PureGold microalloy.

The 24K PureGold microalloy is unique in its high gold content (0.9985) and high hardness of the work hardened metal. The patented composition imparts the unique properties to the microalloy that is only available from us.

PureGold prides itself on tailoring its products to the request of the customer providing fine wire and sheet with the necessary hardness to allow the production of the finest jewelry.

Dr. Bernardin has written several articles on the use of this unique microalloy in the production of fine jewelry. For copies of these articles, please send us a request at info@allpuregold.com.