Findings from 24K PureGold

Findings for chain, earrings, ring heads are easily manufactured from PureGold. The hardness of the work hardened microalloy allows the production of stamped findings without any annealing. Decreases in cross sectional area as great at 95% do not require an annealing step. Machined pieces cut very well in the work hardened, age hardened metal. Hinge pins and earring posts made from drawn wire are strong and hard.

Even 24K eyeglass frames are being made from PureGold. The bows for the frames were tested for elastic recovery and allowed a 22.5 degree bend before yielding to non-recoverable deformation. The hinges and miniature screws joining the bows were machined from the metal allowing the entire frame to be made from PureGold.

The high elasticity of the hardened microalloy also allows the production of a chain and necklace clasps to be manufactured in a variety of designs.